May, 2018 Ecumenical meeting

On May 14th, Church leaders met for the fifth ecumenical meeting in 2018. Pastor Emad, Father Francis, Father Khoseh, and Father Michael, represented different Churches the Evangelical Church,  Latin Catholic Church, Coptic Catholic Church, and Componic Catholic Church respectively, with the presence of other church ministers. The meeting was also attended by visiting guests from Holland.

The meeting started with time of fellowship and warm welcome. After lunch, the leaders discussed how can the church practically invest in the society. They all emphasized the importance of the church outreach to the society  according to the commandments given to us by Our Lord, Jesus Christ in His word. However, they also expressed the challenges they face while doing so, and, shared their own experience how they invest in their surrounding community. The meeting ended after time of discussion and question, and prayers as the leaders were eager to learn from each other, blessing one another in the process.

The committee of the meeting invited Sheikh Selim, Coordinator of “Together We Develop Egypt“, to share his experience in investing in the society through the Diocese of Egypt pioneering project. He highlighted that; through the project, the church was able to build bridges with the society; communicating the love God in the midst of fellowship time and growing friendships, and introducing new principles and values- which he called “The Practical Holiness“.

EDA invites you to 2018 Annual Gathering

The Chairman and the committee of  the Egyptian Diocesan Association (EDA) would be delighted if you can join them at 2018 Annual Gathering on Wednesday 13th June. The program starts by Welcome at Noon, then Service of Holy Communion at 12: 15 p.m, followed by Buffet Lunch. The introduction to the afternoon speaker “Bishop Samy Shehata“, Area Bishop of North Africa, is at 2: 15 p.m, followed by 63rd Annual General Meeting. All is welcome to participate. Subscribers are welcomed to vote.

Please click to view the 2018 Annual Gathering Agenda, and the invitation.

The Egypt Diocesan Association (EDA) exists to support (and foster the support from individuals and organisations who have an interest in or heart for Egypt) the work of the clergy, churches and ministries of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, which embraces congregations and communities in Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa.

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First Commencement Exercise for the Masters of Arts in Leadership and Management

On Friday, the 28th of April, the Diocese of Egypt along with Vision International University and Church Mission Society in England celebrated the graduation of the first commencement of the Masters of Arts in Leadership and Management composed of 5 graduates. The Masters program started in April 2016 to extend to 2 years and it aimed to teach the students the following;

  1. The Deepen awareness and better understanding of one’s self and with the capabilities, gifts, and graces that God blesses each person with to serve and glorify His name in all life circles.
  2. The importance of clarifying the visions and goals of both the personal and professional levels to achieve real progress and development in our personal and professional life.
  3. The persistence, doing hard efforts, and commitment of doing the regular daily duties, responsibilities, and commitments in family, work, and relations, will remain the way to achieve personal growth and professional change on the long term. The personal and professional maturity happens throughout the daily persistence, insistence, and commitment in all the different life situations and exercises.
  4. Rearranging priorities of life.
  5. The importance with the practices of planning, organizing, preparing, and continuous evaluating to achieve real progress in the reality of our life based on clear and visions and goals.
  6. Clarifying the rules, systems, polices, and performance indicators of our organizations, will be incomplete unless the commitment with team work that follows common vision, real values, mutual trust, participation in making decisions , and seeking for growth and continuing education through accepting different perspectives either those we agree with or we don’t.
  7. Leadership and management are not only sciences and theories based only upon the mental abilities or process, but also conscious, spirits, open heart able to aware, feel, attention and making mature choices.
  8. To face the difficulties, challenges, and sometimes frustrations and disappointments in work, family, and relations and in life.

With words of welcome and encouragement, Bishop Mouneer inaugurated the celebration thanking all the audience for their presence in the special ceremony encouraging leaders to work on their personal development. “Churches and Organizations don’t expand for the absence of true Christian leaders.”

In his Speech, Ibrahim Nagy, Program Director in EpiscoCare, on behalf of his colleagues, thanked his Mentors and professors, Dr. Brain Van Deventer, Dr. Gail Stathis,  and Dr. Tanas Al Qasis, for the life- changing knowledge and their personal experiences that they shared openly for the benefit of the class.”Through the marsh of our life and particularly within the last two years we really touched and experienced God`s deepen support and His working in our life according to His loving care for each one of us according to His fully goodness will for us.”

While honoring the graduates, Dr. Brain Van Deventer encouraged them to “Take the word to the world.”

Clergy and Lay Ministers in “Discipleship Conference- 2018”

From 23rd to 26th April, the clergy of the Diocese of Egypt, along with the lay ministers, Bishop Mouneer Anis and Bishop Samy Shehata; shared in the “Discipleship Conference” in Wady El-Natroun. The conference included time of prayers and worship, fellowship and 6 lectures by Canon John Benson and one of his disciples, Samuel Durdant Hollamby, who is a church leader in England. All the clergy participated in the conference including the deaf and Sudanese clergy, to exceed 50 participants. The conference included some visitors from Overseas Council Australia (OCA), Church Mission Society Ireland (CMSI) and India.

The theme of the conference was “Your Kingdom Come“. God’s Kingdom will come when we;

  • Build the Body of Christ, Ephesians 4: 1- 16

“The talents that God gives to his church resembles a tool box, each tool looks different from the other to match its function.” Canon John Benson.

  • Encourage one another, Acts 4

“God is the greatest source of encouragement. “Holy Spirit” shares the same Greek source with the word “Encourage”. Encourage one another with what God encourages you with.” Canon John Benson.

  • Make Disciples, Matthew 28: 18

“A good Disciple will be a good leader. Christ prepared 12 disciples who reached out to the whole world.” Canon John Benson.

  • Develop Leaders, First and Second Timothy

“… the emerging leaders are concerned not with institutional maintenance but with ministry effectiveness. They focus on ministry by the church in the world rather than ministry in the church that is largely confined to the existing members.” Leadership Next, by Eddie Gibbs.

  • Grow the Church, Joshua 1: 1-9

“Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control.” Prof. Howard Stevenson- Harvard Business School.

Rev. Samuel Durdant Hollamby also shared that; in his experience, youths wanted and needed to trust in leaders who are:

  1. Visionary
  2. Mentors
  3. Trust-worthy and deligators
  4. Models for Christ
  5. Fighters for their protection

Please, subscribe to our YouTube channel, The Episcopal \ Anglican Media Center Egypt, to watch the full lectures of “Discipleship” by Canon John Benson.


Prison Ministry celebrates Easter with the Prisoners

In obedience to our Lord’s command in Matthew 25, the prison ministry team along with some clergy visited the prisoners in Kanater and led them in an Easter service on Wednesday the 18th of April. Afterwards, the team organized a party for them allowing them to feel some of the joy the season brings. The celebration included time of fellowship which allowed the prisoners share some of their pain. Let us remember the prisoners and their families in our prayers as we are celebrating this wonderful time of the year.

To see the reflection of the local press, please click here.

Together we develop Egypt celebrates the graduation of Menya youth

On 13th March, “Together we develop Egypt” celebrated the graduation of 500 youths, from Menya, who were trained in human resources with the cooperation of youth ministry. During the celebration, the youths spoke about their experiences and the change they witnessed in the society through these projects; and the achievements of the youths in many locations in Menya were presented. Those were;

  1. Illiteracy Classes in Malawy.
  2. Painting houses of Der Abo Hassan village.
  3. First Aids Training to youth of Delga village.
  4. Medical outreaches, village cleaning and lighting streets of Badraman village.
  5. Supporting women through providing a workplace fully-equipped with sewing machines to help fix and recycle old cloths in Falaheen village.
  6. Cleaning and painting of 25 January and Sadat schools through the students of the two schools.

Unexpectedly, the youths announced their approval to President Sisi who works on community development and achieving peace. They, also, honoured the martyrs from police and army who sacrificed themselves for the sake of protecting our country, Egypt.

The local leaders, clergy, as well as Bishop Samy Shehata, Area Bishop of North Africa, and Mr. Ahmed Salah, Misr El-Kheir organization’s office manager in Menya, took part in the ceremony. The program included a blessing song for Egypt, sang by one of the students. “Blessed are the peacemakers because they manifest one of the principles of God’s Kingdom” Bishop Samy declared. Meanwhile, Sheikh Mahmoud Gomaa spoke about spreading love and peace among all individuals.

Menya Initiative Invests in Ecology of Surrounding Community

On Thursday, 8th of March, “Together we develop Egypt” proclaimed the success of the project in Menya when the girls of 2 high schools, 25th of January High School and Sadat High School, effectively carried out their initiative of beautifying their school and the surrounding neighborhood; through cleaning the area, planting trees, painting walls, and placing wasting bins using their pocket money to buy the materials.


The girls took awareness sessions in ecology, protecting public property, and in being responsible towards our country, as part of “Together we develop Egypt” activities; besides the regular trainings in human resources and needs assessment.

The principles of the 2 schools, impressed with the positive change of the girls in the local community, expressed their appreciation to Bishop Mouneer H. Anis and the Grant Mofti Ali Gomaa for their contributions to make this project happen.

The initiative took the attention of the local press because of its influence on the community.

Provincial Standing Committee of “Jerusalem and the Middle East” gathers at Garden Conference Center

At the beginning of this month, the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East met for the provincial standing committee at All Saints Garden Conference Center in Cairo. The meeting was attended by representative bishops of the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, and Diocese of Jerusalem.

The Agenda of the meeting included; the development of a provincial canon law, updates on certain problems, provincial youth  work, provincial clergy conference, and review of structures- province and constitution. The committee also discussed the restructure of the current province due to the need of creation of a new Anglican Province of Egypt.

The members of the committee were able to represent reports, discuss challenges and spend time of fellowship. Let us pray for our leaders as they carry out those missions. May our Lord provide them strength and wisdom as He leads them in their paths.

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