Help Prisoners This Christmas

Please consider helping prisoners during this Christmas season. The Prison Ministry is planning on purchasing plane tickets in order for foreign released prisoners to return home in time for Christmas. Even after foreign prisoners have completed their sentence, they are not able to leave the prison unless they have a plane ticket to their home country purchased. Many of the prisoners can not afford to buy a ticket.

We need to purchase 7 plane tickets to Ethiopia (4,460 L.E. each), and 1 ticket to Colombia (14,600 L.E.).

The Diocese of Egypt’s Prison Ministry helps meet the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of the foreign prisoners at the El Kanatar Prison. On Christmas, the prisoners will be provided with food and gifts.

To donate, please contact Saana (Arabic) 01220412809 or Francine (English) at +2 01288557881

To read the latest prison ministry newsletter, please visit here.

A Bazaar to Support Syrian Refugees and Disabled Children

On Saturday, December 9, All Saints Cathedral hosted a bazaar to support Syrian refugees and children with special needs. There were many Syrian vendors selling jewelry and handicrafts, and others who sold some of their homemade Syrian and Yemeni dishes. Children with special needs from the Menara Centre also sold some products that they made. Santa Claus made an appearance to raise money for the Prison Ministry. During the bazaar, Refuge Egypt and the Menara Centre held an event indoors. It began with a brief speech from Bishop Mouneer, who talked about the importance of providing hope and support to refugees and people with special needs. Then children from the Menara Centre in Menouf participated in dancing performances. Refuge Egypt also gave a presentation about their work in Cairo, and showed a video about one Syrian refugee women’s story.








Refuge Egypt is an organization devoted to helping refugees in Cairo. They provide refugees with healthcare, education, and help finding employment. To support Refuge Egypt, please visit here.

The Menara Centre offers education and support to children with special needs. To support the Menara Centre, visit here.

To support the Prison Ministry, visit here.

Crafts from Refuge Egypt, the Prison Ministry, and the Menara Centre are available at the Wady Shop.

Gosour Center hosts CAIRO IMPRO – Inaugural Concert at All Saints Cathedral

Gosour Cultural Center invites you to attend CAIRO IMPRO Inaugural Concert at All Saints Cathedral on Wednesday 13th December at 7 pm. CAIRO IMPRO is a series of Free Improvisation concerts & workshop to run in Cairo by Bahaa El-Ansary (Egyptian Composer) & Paweł Kuźma (Polish Guitarist), who are -both- high-level experts in Free Improvisation. They received many classes/workshop with different tutors, and improvised with many musicians from all over the world.

DATE: Wednesday 13 December 2017
Time: 7 PM
LOCATION: All Saints’ Cathedral
5 Michel Lutfallah Street
Zamalek – Cairo

Facebook Event: CAIRO IMPRO – Inaugural Concert

A bazaar to Support ِSyrian refugees and the disabled children

We invite you to join Refuge Egypt and Menara Center Bazaar at All Saints Cathedral which will include an impressive and eclectic mix of market stalls 🔖 selling wide range of unique products including crafts, home produce, fashion accessories, clothing and other cool stuff from different countries e.g. Syria and Yemen. 🎁 The products are made by the refugees and the disabled children themselves.

Visitors & Attendees will enjoy food & drinks, music and there will be fun activities for children as well. 🎶 ✨ 🛒

Entrance is free 🎆

Date: Saturday, 9 December 2017 (From 11:00 AM till 3:00 PM) 🕙
Location: All Saints Cathedral – 5 Michel Lutfallah St., Zamalek (Behind Marriott Hotel) 🌍

Facebook Event: A bazaar to Support ِSyrian refugees and disabled children


Come and enjoy the wonderful products and help to support the Syrian and Yemeni refugees, and the disabled children.

Pray for our local leaders as they plan priorities for 2018

On Thursday December 30th, Cairo clergy were able to plan for 2018 priorities during their regular weekly meeting with Bishop Mouneer H. Anis. The clergy enjoy the holy communion service weekly. Last Thursday, the Lord spoke to them through Rev Reda Boushra on the subject of “His Call.” which was very encouraging. By the end of their meeting, they were able to discuss the priorities which the Lord has laid in their hearts. The clergy will be planing for 2018 with their local parish councils during December. Let us remember them in our prayers. Pray for wisdom and revelation from the Lord, and open hearts and ears that are ready to obey.

Carols by Candlelight at All Saints Cathedral

All Saints Cathedral is happy to invite you to enjoy Christmas Carols on Friday, the 8th of December at 6: 30 – 8:00 pm. This is a peaceful and joyful candlelight service of sung carols interspersed with readings from the Holy Bible. We will hear the story of the long-promised Messiah foretold by the Prophets.

Children accompanied by parents are welcome. This service is hosted by the English-speaking Congregations of All Saints’ Cathedral and is open to people from any religious or cultural background.

Location: All Saints Cathedral

Date: Friday, 8th December, 2017

Time: 6: 30 pm- 8:00 pm

Facebook Event: Carols by Candlelight: 6:30-8 pm, Friday

Cathedral Page: All Saints’ Cathedral, Cairo

Rev Canon Dr John Benson, main speaker at “2017 Clergy Annual Retreat”

Rev Canon Dr John Benson was the main guest speaker at the “2017 Clergy Annual Retreat” and the “Lay Ministers Leadership Training”. John Benson grew up in Wallasey in the north-west of England. He went on to study Natural Sciences in Cambridge and completed a PhD in the Department of Metallurgy. After a period of post-doctoral research he went on to theological studies at Trinity College in Bristol. It was there that he met his wife Anita and they were married in Singapore in 1980. John and Anita now have two daughters and four young grandchildren.

After ordination in 1981, John served two curacies in England. In 1987 the family moved to Singapore where John became the Vicar of St George’s Church. This role was expanded with responsibilities in training lay leaders and clergy. In 1993 he was also made the first Dean of Cambodia, charged with leading a church-planting team in a country that had recently re-opened to Christian ministry.

He left St George’s Church in 1995 to concentrate more fully on his roles as Dean of Cambodia and Director of Training for the Diocese of Singapore. This work continued until 2001, with additional responsibilities at times in various parishes and as the Dean of Laos. In 2001, he became the Vicar of Chapel of the Resurrection.

Canon John retired in 2007 due to health problems. In 2009, John and Anita moved back to live in England in Chester. He has an active retirement with continued involvement in preaching, teaching, training and mentoring clergy. He is currently working on a long-term writing project exploring issues of healing and suffering.


Lay Ministers Leadership Training

Rev Canon Dr John Benson spoke about “Developing Leaders in Church” in 6 lectures at Bishop Ghais Hall in All Saints Cathedral. The lectures were conducted on the 24th and the 25th of November to different leaders from the churches of Egypt across the Diocese.

Canon John, first, emphasized God’s purpose for us in spite of our failure and weakness by exploring Jesus reaction to Peter after his denial to give him a new assignment. The following lecture, Dr. Benson explained the main goal of the disciples was to be Jesus before they were sent to evangelize with the power of His Spirit. He, then, introduced the “inverted discipleship” in which he advised leaders to listen before sharing their experience with their disciples. He also spoke about being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and the priorities. He concluded the conference with good biblical teaching about the great commission.

Please, take time to listen to those wonderful lectures that are available now online through the following links:


Clergy Annual Retreat

On the 20th of November, Bishop M. H. Anis led the clergy of the Diocese of Egypt in their annual retreat in St. Bishoy Monastery. The main theme of the retreat was about “Developing Leaders in the Church” delivered by Rev Canon Dr John Benson, former Director of Training for the Anglican Diocese of Singapore, who brings a wealth of experience as a church leader and mission mobilizer

The retreat with the clergy of the Diocese of Egypt was held over four days. Each teaching session involved rich biblical reflection on the life of the Apostle Peter with application for the Egyptian context. Canon John has raised up next generation leaders for many years. Bishop Mouneer Anis has invited Canon John to return in the Spring of 2018 for follow-up training.


Terror attack on al-Rawda mosque

Responding to the terror attack on the al-Rawda mosque in the Egyptian town of Bir al-Abed, in the North Sinai, which left hundreds dead and many people injured, the Bishop of Egypt, Mouneer Anis, has said he is “deeply saddened” by the “cowardly terrorist” attack. Bishop Mouneer has released the following statement.

It was reported that a group of terrorists bombed the mosque, and opened fire on the people during the Friday prayers at 1.30 pm. It is said that most of the people killed are Sufis. It is known that militant Salafi and Jihadist groups consider Sufis as heretics. They used to target policemen, soldiers and Christians but now Muslims are also targeted. No group is exempt. This massive bloody attack is the largest during the last few years.

Many world leaders condemned the attack and expressed their support to Egypt in its war against terrorism. We, Egyptians, are determined to fight terrorism and support President Abdel Fatah El Sisi who is leading the war against terrorism in the region.

Terrorism is a great threat to the whole world. This fact puts the responsibility on the international community to stop all groups and organisations which financially support these terrorist groups. These organizations take advantage of the freedom in the European countries to raise funds to support terrorists to carry out their bloody attacks on human beings.

Please pray for the families who lost their loved and the injured.

Posted By Bp Mouneer Anis

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