A Year in Review

Please click here to view “A Year in Review”: a summary of much that has occurred in our Diocese over the past 12 months! 

We are so grateful for the Lord who, in his faithfulness, has sustained the Diocese all of these years. In the words of our Bishop Mouneer, “We are convicted that the Lord has sustained the Diocese for a purpose these last 200 years, and we pray that the Lord would fulfill his purpose through us.

Please continue to pray for Bishop Mouneer, Bishop Samy, all the clergy, and all the members of our broad and diverse Diocesan family!

Diocesan Clergy Wives Conference

Last month, the Diocese of Egypt organized a conference for the clergy wives and lay ministers. The conference hosted more than 25 women who are involved in the ministries of the diocese. The main theme was “Closer relationship with God”, through an intensive study of the lives of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. The conference lasted for 3 days. The main speakers were; Cynthia Tay, Bishop Moses Tay’s wife, and Nancy Anis, Bishop Mouneer’s wife. Bishop Moses Tay is the former Archbishop of the Diocese of Singapore. The two speakers were able to open up and share their challenges in their long journeys of ministry with the younger wives. The conference contained time of fellowship and prayers, which helped the ladies to unite and relax.

Let us keep those ladies in our prayers. May Our Lord strengthen them to fulfill His will in their ministries.

The Diocesan Interfaith Coordinator takes part in the African Union Forum

On 13 November 2018, Mr. Seleem Wasef, the interfaith coordinator of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt North Africa and the Horn of Africa, took part in the African Interfaith dialogue forum which cares for the good of the continent. The conference focused on the role of religious leaders in advancing peace, development and inclusiveness in Africa .The forum provided a platform for participants to represent their experience and identify challenges and good practices in the field of interfaith dialogue encouraging specific contributions that religious leaders can make to strengthen social cohesion in African communities in order to support sustainable peace and development.

It is worth mentioning that Bishop Mouneer’s, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt North Africa and the Horn of Africa; international efforts played an important factor in the representation of Egypt in the African Union in the field of the interfaith dialogue; and that the diocesan lay minister Mr .Seleem Wassef is the only Egyptian Christian taking part in this famous African Interfaith dialogue forum.


28 New Confirmations at St. John the Baptist!

28 New Confirmations in the Sudanese Congregation

St John the Baptist Church

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt


The Sudanese Congregation at St. John the Baptist church began only 5 years ago, but has a flourishing and growing ministry!

Current numbers

  • Number in the congregation: 165
  • Sunday school: 56
  • Teens: 22
  • Youths: 30
  • Women’s meeting: 20
  • Mothers Union: 9
  • Lay ministers: 4

We just recently rejoiced at the confirmation of another 28 members, pictured below. Please continue to pray for the ongoing ministry in this congregation and across the Diocese.


Bishop Mouneer with the newly-confirmed 28!

 Bishop Mouneer with the Mother’s Union and Lay Ministers


Bishop Mouneer with the Sunday School

Licensing of 4 New Lay Readers

Licensing of 4 New Lay Readers

12 October 2018

The Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa was proud to license Rafik Wagdy, Shady Mouneer, Cynthia Buttram, and Stan Lie as Licensed Lay Readers on 12 October 2018. These four, representing Egypt, Australia, and the United States, were given a blue sash to mark their new responsibilities and privileges.

Their licensing was part of a Eucharist service concluding the 4 days of international conferences held at the Cathedral. The service was attended by many Archbishops from all many Anglican Provinces throughout the world, as well as several other guests from the conferences. It was a beautiful service with a time of worship, preaching from Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, and a celebration of the unity of the worldwide Church through partaking in the Eucharist together.

The new lay readers, from left to right: Rafik Wagdy (Egypt), Shady Mouneer (Egypt), Cynthia Buttram (USA), and Stan Lie (Australia)

First Missions Roundtable in the Middle East

First Missions Roundtable in the Middle East: 

Ripe for the Harvest

11-12 October 2018

Recently, All Saints Cathedral hosted three incredible conferences in the All Saints Garden Conference Center, the third of which was the First Ever Missions Round Table in the Middle East! This conference was an amazing gathering of many people serving the Lord in a variety of capacities all throughout the Middle East.

The conference included an inspiring opening speech by Professor David Shenk, as well as presentations on ongoing and upcoming development projects throughout the Middle East. Bishop Mouneer spoke on the importance of improving education here in Egypt and elsewhere; Bishop Samy talked about how theological education, like that happening at Alexandria School of Theology, is crucial to developing mature Christian leaders; Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo shared about the challenges the church in Sudan is facing and the missions opportunities there; and International Design and Development (IDD) gave a presentation on the partnership they are doing with the Diocese to expand the University in Gambella. In addition to these presentations, there was plenty of time for networking and conversation.

The conference concluded with a beautiful Eucharist service in the evening, where we celebrated the unity of the Church through sharing in the Holy Communion together. We thank Bishop Kuan Kim Seng for preaching during the service, and Bishop Samy Shehata for translating.

If you would like to partner with us to continue to see the love of God spread throughout the Middle East, please contact us here.

Global South Primates Meeting

Global South Primates Meeting

10 October 2018

All Saints Cathedral recently hosted three incredible conferences in the All Saints Garden Conference Center, the second of which was a gathering of the Primates of the Global South to discuss the structure of the Global South.

We welcomed primates from Nigeria, South Sudan, Egypt, North America, Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, Southeast Asia, Uganda, Kenya, West Africa, Myanmar, and the Indian Ocean; as well as the “Study Team” who has been working to develop the proposed structure. It was a productive meeting and it was wonderful to all be in one place, here in Cairo! The Primates had the opportunity to pray together, to worship together, and to seek God’s will for the Global South structure through discussion and prayer. They also had time to fellowship together over dinner, strengthening old relationships and building new ones.

Please continue to pray for the spread of the Gospel throughout the Global South and the world. Pray for the Church to be filled anew with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Diary

Dear Friends of the Diocese of Egypt,

Greetings from the Diocese!

Hope you had a wonderful summer!

We wish to thank the Lord for what He has done with us so far; and to ask Him to bless us to be Christ-like in all what we do according to His will. Please continue to join us in prayers. Please use the prayer diary to guide you with the prayer requests for the different ministries. Let us take time to pray for those wonderful ministries.

Thanks for all your prayers. That what keeps us going.

Click here to get the prayer diary. 

Icons of Faith Exhibition

Icons of Faith

by Magdy William

25- 27 October 2018

An exhibition and sale of Coptic sacral art at St. John the Baptist Church

25 October: Grand Opening 7:00- 9:00 pm

26- 27 October: Open House 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

26 October: Lecture “The tradition of icon-making” at 6:30 pm


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