Kanater Prison is located on the outskirts of Cairo. The prison houses men and women, Egyptian and foreigners.

There are more than two hundred expatriates in the prison. Some have sentences for crimes in Egypt. Others have been caught in Egypt without a visa, and are waiting for deportation. Others are applying and waiting for refugee status from UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees).

The prison authorities provide less than half of the inmates needs, and many have their needs taken care of by their families. The ministry of the Diocese of Egypt focuses on foreigners, and the church becomes their family.

For more than 15 years, members of the Diocese of Egypt have travelled once a week to visit Kanater Prison. They help to meet material needs through providing basic food supplies, medicine, clothes and blankets, as well as pastoral support, sharing the gospel, and praying with the prisoners.

The prisoners have their own Christian fellowship within the prison and hold weekly church services and Bible studies. The Prison Ministry team is in regular contact with this group, and we respond to their requests.

WE VISIT THE PRISON EVERY TUESDAY (we meet at the cathedral at 8:30 and leave together)

“While in the prison I discovered that God loves me so much. I surrendered myself to Him and joined His family – the church. Since then, my life has changed for better. God has transformed me from darkness to His glorious light, and has given me new desires and hopes. I am now living for Him, using the talents and resources He has given me to serve Him, through my participation in church programs and helping those who are in need. I was lost but Jesus found me. I am now a child of God.”

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