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Gusour Center Concludes the Forum Theater Workshop Tomorrow

The Gusour Cultural Center of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt concludes the Forum Theater workshop with a theatrical performance with Coach Ghassan Gabriel tomorrow, Monday.

The workshop dealt, through theatrical exercises, with the idea of ​​oppression that a person is subjected to in his life, as the theme “Theater of the Oppressed” was presented by Brazilian director “Augusto Boal”.

It is worth mentioning that the idea of ​​establishing Gusour Center came when the Episcopal/Anglican Church saw what the Egyptian people lived through in the past years during the revolutions, January 25, 2011, and June 30, 2013, and how the people expressed their dreams of freedom, democracy, social justice, and a decent life. However, it passed through a period of violence, extremism, and discrimination. This period showed the importance of building the Egyptian person and restoring the values ​​that were prevalent in Egypt in the past. The Church saw that it is her duty as a national institution to contribute as much as it can to the return of a beautiful Egypt by strengthening harmony among the people’s spectra and accepting and respecting the other, as the Church found that arts, literature, and music are the languages. Which brings together peoples of different sects, it is a language that unites and does not differentiate, hence the idea of ​​establishing a Gusour Cultural Center in the service building attached to the Cathedral of All Saints to use arts, literature, and music to build bridges between members of society.

The center’s activities are represented in artistic performances such as music, theater, musical theatre, film shows, storytelling shows, and children’s shows. And workshops for various types of arts such as theater, photography, sign language, animation, Arabic calligraphy, sculpture, drawing, short films, music, acting, mime, storytelling, as well as art exhibitions, seminars, and discussions of books and novels, confident education, philosophical books, Mental books.

The center participates with a group of pioneers of arts and culture in its activities, for example, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Cairo Celebration Choir, Awtar Quartet, soft power production, the Light and Hope Association, the Children’s Story initiative, my story initiative, Ali Sawtak “Raise your voice”, the Digital museum of women, Cairo Collective Guitar, the Dream of Light Foundation.


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