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Today, the Episcopal/Anglican church continues “Together we Develop Egypt” at the Agamy Youth Center in Alexandria.


Completing the initiative with a lecture on confronting sectarian tension and following up the afforestation of the youth center

Today, the Episcopal/Anglican Church completed the activities of the “Together We Develop Egypt” project in the Agami community in Alexandria, in partnership with the Al-Farah Foundation for the Care of People with Special Abilities within the Agami Youth Center.

Today included the follow-up of the afforestation process that took place in the youth center, and the project members participated in their work with this activity, and they said that planting a tree is like planting life in the souls. One of the participants of my visually impaired tastes also spoke, saying, “I do not see the shape of trees, but I feel them and the importance of our need to plant them around us in the region.” Sameh Naseem gayed, Peace and Training Projects Consultant, gave a lecture entitled “Facing Sectarian Tension”

The lecture aimed at how to monitor the primary indicators of violence and the importance of verifying it, as the trainer also talked about the types of violence, which are cultural violence, direct and indirect violence, as well as how to avoid and prevent violence.

Evolution of stages of violence, methods of intervention to stop violence, ease of intervention at the beginning of the time of violence before the escalation of the crisis by anticipating the signs of extremism in society and thus deterring violence by dealing with rumors to stop them as soon as they occur.

A group of Muslim and Christian youth with disabilities and healthy people participated in the meeting, and the goal of this integration is to work as one team and to motivate them to joint cooperate between them in society and to release their creative energies based on the vision of the project to enhance the knowledge and acceptance of the other, uphold common values, and activate collective work to celebrate difference.

The project is being held under the auspices of the Province of Alexandria of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church in Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, and the Misr El-Kheir Foundation.

The project will include a set of initiatives and events in the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Minya, and the cities of Sadat and Menouf.

The project aims to establish strong and real relationships and friendships between young people, develop their capabilities and raise their cultural and civilizational awareness, in addition to the participation of trainees together in implementing practical initiatives that benefit their local communities, with the aim of reaching a degree of integration and quality of work by communicating with government agencies and community organizations that works in the same direction that their initiative is related to.


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