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The return of the prison service after an interruption due to the Corona virus


The Prison Service of the Episcopal/Anglican Church continued to provide moral support and meet the needs of the prisoners in the Qanater Prisons area, after a period of interruption due to the Coronavirus.

On her behalf, Sanaa gameel, the prison service coordinator – said in a statement issued by the Church today: Due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus, we were able today to visit only three prisoners, with emphasis on precautionary measures and social distancing during the visit, in addition to providing material and moral support by depositing financial aid in their names in a safe. Imprisonment and delivering letters from prisoners to their relatives and back.

Sanaa indicated: The procedures for releasing a prisoner who spent a long time inside the prison have begun, adding: The church is waiting for the completion of his papers to book a travel ticket for him to return to his country.

Sanaa explained: The Church provides this service in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, which is in charge of issuing permits for visits and allowing prisoners to perform collective prayers and conduct religious rites that are presented by Priest Yashoua Bekhit, pastor of the prison service on a monthly basis.

Sanaa pointed out: The service helps meet the physical needs by providing food and clothes and meeting spiritual needs through the monthly sermon, as the prison service began in the Episcopal/Anglican Church more than twenty years ago and the service is provided to foreign men and women due to the absence of a reliable family and friend in Egypt.

The prison service official added: The number of prisoners who are sponsored by the church ranges from 150 to 200 prisoners, and the church also helped about 27 prisoners to reach their countries after the end of their sentences, adding: The service is provided to foreign prisoners from different countries such as Cameroon, China, Colombia, Congo, Belgium, England, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, America, and Venezuela.


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