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The Master attended… Unveiling the crowd…John 6


In a small village called Capernaum, and before the Passover holiday, they remember the event of the Exodus… Christ came and fed the crowd with two fish and five loaves, to let them know that He is the Lord who fills them and thinks of them in the Old Testament. It is a picture of Jesus consulting… Unfortunately. They ate and were full and walked and left, and when they got hungry they came back to look at him. He was not present. The face of Christ to the congregation and the crowd, the Jews and the disciples were present, and the surprise happened, and Christ revealed all that was in the hearts.

1- The crowd was looking for him to meet their needs and hunger, they don’t want Jesus, and they want Jesus

And Jesus said to them, “Do not demand the earthly things, I am the true bread that comes down from heaven.” They objected and did not accept the idea

2- The Jews were harassed by him and complained about him and ignored him and said we know who he is how he says I came down from heaven and he is the son of Joseph and Mary.

3- The students are of two types, the first and the most of them decided to walk and curse him because they saw that his words were difficult and would not be believed, and also he would make them a problem with the Jews and the village.

4- The second type is 12 disciples who were determined to complete and believe in Christ that He is the one who will guide them to eternal life. That is why Christ assigned them the responsibility to work in the church as in the old 12 tribes who did the people of Israel

Ask yourself?

Q: If Christ came now in our midst and revealed what is inside me and you, what kind? Who is the one who walks after Christ, who wants to meet the needs, or who is always grumbling, contradicting, and afraid for his position, or from those who cohabited with Jesus, and unfortunately they sell him for earthly matters and to please people? Or do you really follow Jesus because you believe in him and love him for his person?

Christ does not revolve around the large number (plural) Christ revolves around the heart that submits to it, loves it, and believes in it the heart that makes Christ a king over it

My son, give me your heart… Please don’t forget too much. Check your accounts before the master comes and reveals things… God bless you


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