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The Episcopal Faculty of Theology celebrates the graduation of the fifteenth batch


Cairo, July 9 – The Anglican Episcopal Church celebrated yesterday the graduation of the fifteenth batch of students of the Episcopal Faculty of Theology in Cairo, Alexandria and Minya, where they obtained a bachelor’s degree, in addition to the graduation of a new batch of students of the Nuba Mountains Institute for completing the diploma of pastoral leadership, which includes nine students, in the presence of Dr. Sami Fawzy, Archbishop of the Alexandria Region of the Episcopal Church and Dean of the Episcopal Faculty of Theology, and Dr. Ashley Noll, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Episcopal Faculty of Theology, at the headquarters of All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek.

Dr. Sami Fawzy, Archbishop of the Church and Dean of the Faculty of Theology congratulated the new graduates, saying: “We celebrate our journey together as students and professors, as you have devoted many years of your life to spiritual growth, scientific service and study.

He added in his speech, which began after the procession of graduates: I invite you to be agents of God and servants of a new era, as today is not just a celebration or a scientific degree, but a sacred call that needs exceptional sensitivity and care, as the goal of the Faculty of Theology is to graduate pure and faithful servants of the Church and God, so that they are influential in their communities and effective in facing challenges.

The Archbishop concluded: The college is proud of its contribution to the lives of graduates, the journey of education has begun, but it will not end, and I thank God and pray that the coming years will be full of care in the life of every graduate.

The Rev. Dr. Michael Horton, Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster College in California said: Christ was teaching His disciples by deeds and not only by words, and this was clearly shown by washing the disciples’ feet, although Jesus knew that Judas would deliver him and betray him, but he washed his feet and knew that Peter would deny him, but he returned it in the end.

Pastor Michael Horton concluded: We must let Christ wash our feet and serve us so that we can help our brothers and sisters, we do not have any power of our own, but God encourages us to nurture and serve His people to serve them through us.

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