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The Episcopal/Anglican church provides a sign language translation and allocates a corner for the hearing impaired in “Praying for Unity”


The Episcopal/Anglican Church provided a sign language simultaneous interpretation and allocated a corner for the hearing impaired inside the Cathedral of All Saints in Zamalek, in which Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Church, presides over the opening prayers of the week of prayer for unity organized by the Egypt Council of Churches.

The Episcopal/Anglican Church stated that this interpretation in sign language is provided by Claire Ghais, a servant of the deaf in the Episcopal/Anglican Church of Old Egypt, which is the first church in Egypt concerned with serving the deaf and hard of hearing.

In the same context, representatives of the five-member Christian denominations, in addition to the members of the Women’s Committee of the Egypt Council of Churches, attended: Mary Younan, the head of the committee, Nora Edward, Martha Marhaba, and Arlt Michel.

The Week of Prayer for Unity, which is held once a year, aims to unite hearts in praying together for the unity of the Church and for the good of Egypt. The Council distributes prayer meetings and liturgies during the week to the five-member sects.

It is worth noting that the Episcopal/Anglican Church is an active member of the Egypt Council of Churches within five churches: the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, the Episcopal/Anglican Church, the Evangelical Church, and the Greek Orthodox Church.

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