Diocese Of Egypt

The Episcopal/Anglican church organizes a sports day for children with “special needs” in Menouf.


The Manara Center, to serve the people with special needs of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church in Egypt, organized a sports day at its headquarters in Menoufia Governorate.

The day included various parts through the use of the activities room, sporting and competitions. The center’s management is scheduled to organize an entertainment trip for children during the second week of November.

The school aims to improve the skills and life of children with special needs in the Menouf region and its environs, as well as support the parents of children in providing childcare.

The Manara Center for Serving People with Special Needs, affiliated to the Province of Alexandria of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt, was established in 2003 to support people with special needs and to provide processing and teaching services for displaying a range of services in the city of Menouf.

It is worth mentioning that the Province of Alexandria for the Episcopal/Anglican Church is the 41st region of this church around the world, and it includes under its presidency 10 countries in Egypt and North Africa, and is under the presidency of the Archbishop of Canterbury and belongs to the Episcopal/Anglican Church Union in the world.
In Egypt, the Episcopal/Anglican Church was established in 1815 and the first Episcopal/Anglican Church was founded in Alexandria in 1839 when it was given a plot of land in Alexandria’s Manshia square to establish the Episcopal/Anglican Church of St. Mark by Mohamed Ali Pasha the Ruler of Egypt at this time.


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