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The Episcopal/Anglican Church hosts the launch of the book “How to Lead”


Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, received members of the “message for all nations” Foundation, to hold a launch ceremony for the book “How to Lead and Enjoy Your Life” by the author, Reverend Dale Park.

For his part, Archbishop Samy gave an overview of the service, saying: With the growth of our service in different regions through the establishment of the region and the existence of professional theological study through the Episcopal Theological College and the provision of many health and educational services and care for refugees, as well as our interest in creating relationships with Muslim brothers in addition to the Church Concerning the appointment of three new bishops for the three parishes in the coming period, we believe in the leadership role in the present and future of the Church

Archbishop Samy added: I am excited today because I believe in the importance of learning leadership systems within the church and is busy with it, especially since I recently saw the growth of service in Africa and the need for church leaders to receive a lot of training in light of the challenges that priests face in the Middle East.

Reverend Del Park, the author of the book “How to Lead and Enjoy Your Life”, gave an overview of the book translated into Arabic as well as more than 8 African languages ​​and other languages ​​around the world about leadership and its concepts from the perspective of the Bible, and on the example of Christ’s teachings and care for his disciples.

Rev. Dale Park said: The goal of the book is to teach church leaders how to follow the example of Christ in leading and living, adding: As Christ said to be great you must be a servant, so the leader must be a servant as well. Christ had the vision to grow his church and delegate his disciples to serve and lead in the entire world as well as the leaders of our time.

Reverend Park concluded: Leaders in Africa have a different lifestyle, so my wife and I thought about training church leaders and their wives about leadership and caring for their family to be a healthy family.

And he concluded: I pray that we see the church grow and grow with its leaders through the book How to Lead to Train Leaders All over the World.


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