Diocese Of Egypt

The Episcocare participates in the training program of the Frankfurt German School of Finance and Management


The EpiscoCare Foundation participates in the activities of the virtual training program organized by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Frankfurt German School of Finance and Management through a series of virtual training meetings – via the Zoom online platform – in the field of specialized financial studies, especially with regard to the economic effects resulting from the outbreak of the Covid – 19 pandemics on the financial sector and how to deal with the damages resulting from it, under the auspices of the General Authority for Financial Supervision, the Financial Services Institute, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Banking Institute, provided that the training ends on the 31st of this January.

The training cover how financial institutions respond to dealing with crises, a data-based approach to risk management, business continuity planning, and digital finance.

It is worth noting that the Foundation works in the field of financing small and micro enterprises with the aim of supporting poor families and communities to improve their economic and social conditions. In addition, the institution is registered with the Financial Supervision Authority and a member of the Egyptian Federation for Funding Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises.

The Episcopal Care Foundation for Social Services (Episcocare) is the development arm of the Anglican Episcopal Church in Egypt. The Foundation runs the development and social services centers and institutions of the Episcopal Church in Egypt.


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