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The EpiscoCare organizes health awareness meetings to prevent nutritional diseases.


The Episcopal Care for Social Services (Episcocare) is holding a set of health awareness meetings on promoting healthy eating practices and preventing nutritional diseases, as part of the corporation’s health improvement program activities.

The Episcopal/Anglican Church stated in a statement today that the Foundation is organizing a series of awareness meetings for 300 beneficiaries of men, women, and children in the development centers of the Foundation, and the meetings will continue until the end of January.

Dr. Maged Moussa, director of the EpiscoCare Foundation, explained: The meetings included the following precautionary measures such as social distancing and wearing masks.

Moussa indicated: Presentations are made on how to practice proper nutrition and the importance of healthy food to strengthen immunity and prevent diseases, especially in children, and pay attention to the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for the growth of the body and how to prepare healthy meals at a low cost in addition to presenting and discussing methods of prevention of anemia and intestinal worms and the causes they occur especially in children, and their effect on the growth and health of the body, how to prevent them, the importance of medical follow-up, analyzes, treatment methods, and nutrition.

The corporation’s health awareness program works to improve the beneficiaries ’awareness of adopting sound healthy habits, in addition to providing health services to children to enhance their abilities to pursue their studies, improve their chances of healthy growth and protect them from diseases.

The Episcopal Care Foundation for Social Services (Episcocare) is the samaritan arm of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt. The Foundation manages the development and social services centers and institutions of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt.


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