Diocese Of Egypt

The bells of the Episcopal/Anglican cathedral are ringing and marks the start of Easter Mass


The bells of the All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek ring to marks the start of the Holy Easter Mass.

While the procession of Archbishop Dr. Mouneer Hanna began to enter to announce the start of the prayers of the Divine Liturgy as it departed from his headquarters, led by deacons, then priests, to the Archbishop of the Church at the end of the ecclesiastical procession that ends with the church structure.

The entrance begins with lighting the candle and reading the prayers, and the candle procession continues, as the small candles are lit and the procession stops in the middle of the church with repeated prayers, then the procession continues to enter again until the candle is placed on a special holder.

While the cathedral choir sang the hymn “Christ Risen Today,” which celebrates the resurrection of Christ and sings as part of the Easter Mass rituals.


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