Diocese Of Egypt

The Assistant Bishop appoints a new priest and confirms 64 members of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Gambella


Bishop Anthony ball, Assistant Bishop for the Province of Alexandria Province, presided over the ordination service of Rev. Martin Rex in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Bishop Anthony ball the assistant bishop for service in the province of Alexandria for the Episcopal/ Anglican Church, presided over a confirmation service which he conducted for two days for new members of the church in the diocese of Gambella, for five people from St. Luke’s Church, thirty-seven people from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, in addition to twenty-two people from St. Barnabas Church.

Confirmation service and prayer are considered a declaration of a person’s joining the Episcopal/Anglican Church, as the new member pledges before the bishop, the pastor, and all those present before God, to preserve the Christian faith and the doctrine of the Episcopal/Anglican Church.

It is worth noting that only the Gambella diocese has more than 140 churches serving six different tribes, and it is one of the Episcopal dioceses of the Alexandria region of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, which includes under its presidency 10 countries, namely Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Chad, and Mauritania.


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