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The Archbishop reviews the latest developments in the project of translating the Bible for the deaf


Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, visited the Bible translation for deaf Christians in Egypt at the Church of Jesus, Light of the World in Old Cairo, to get acquainted with the latest developments of the project and to get acquainted with the work team, which includes four deaf people from the church, as the project is being held in partnership with the “Door” organization Concerned with communicating gospel stories to deaf Christians.

The Bible translation project includes working on the production of 32 biblical stories from Genesis to the rise of Jesus and aims to deliver the Gospel message to deaf Christians in the Egyptian dialect throughout the Republic.

It is worth noting that the Bible translation project is in its second year now, as the first year was training for the team on how to work on implementing the narrative content of the Bible, and the duration of the project is scheduled to be four years.

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