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The Archbishop presides over the mass prayers in Suez in Suez and inspects a community center affiliated with the Church


Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, presided over the Divine Liturgy at the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Suez, where Rev. Adel Touma, the pastor of the church, participated in the prayer.

The Archbishop said: Storms blow over our lives, and our small boats fill with water, so we become like the disciples in the Sea of ​​Galilee. The disciples’ fear is real, as the boat will sink everyone in it to the bottom of the sea when Jesus comes walking on the waves. Nothing is real in the storm like Jesus walking on water. Everything else is fiction, but it is real.

The Archbishop explained that the reason for our endless pain and trouble is to marginalize the Lord and make him a fantasy instead of holding on to Him with strength and faith, as our lives are filled with problems when the Savior is like a fantasy, adding: The Savior does not save or forgive your sins and then we are filled with doubts and fears because we do not realize the true presence of Christ, his grace and love His presence is not an illusion, but a certain fact.

The Archbishop concluded: I pray that our faith increases to see Christ in the midst of the storm, not as a fantasy, but as a reality that we live every day in everything that God does in our lives.

In the same context, the Archbishop inspected the center of the EpiscoCare Foundation of the Church in the Arab al-Ma’mal area, where he visited the sewing and detailing workshop in the center and the nursery for children, in addition to the community activities that are held in the center, especially for women.

Since his ordination as Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Alexandria, the Archbishop has been presiding over the Divine Liturgy in different churches, so that it becomes an opportunity to inspect the service and meet the people of the Church closely.


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