Diocese Of Egypt

The Archbishop preaching over the English Service at Zamalek Cathedral.


Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, Archbishop of  Province of Alexandria in the Episcopal/ Anglican Church, presided today, Sunday, the Divine Liturgy prayers in English in the Cathedral of All Saints in Zamalek, as part of the foreign service provided by the Church

In the sermon, Hanna narrated a story from the Bible in which the Lord Christ explains the virtue of obedience when he distinguished between two sons of one father, the first called by his father to work in the vine (the grape field), and he agreed, but he did not go.

Hanna said that Christ was choosing symbols from the Old Testament that the elders of the Jews would understand, so he struck an example for them with a stone that the builders rejected, so it became the cornerstone, indicating that the cornerstone had special characteristics that differ from other stones.

He added: Christ is the cornerstone rejected by the Jews to whom God said, “Sanctify the whole earth, for all the earth, is mine.” But they did not carry out his commandment and were isolated, thinking that God chose them and set them apart from other peoples of the earth.

While the church was keen to ensure that the precautionary measures were followed and the use of personal tools, in addition to dividing the church seats in a manner that ensures social distancing.


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