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The Archbishop ordains Mark Takki, a pastor for youth service at All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek


Dr. Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the province of Alexandria, presided over the Episcopal/Anglican Church, today, Friday, the prayers of Mark Takki Senada, a pastor for youth service at the Cathedral of All Saints in Zamalek.

The prayers began with hymns, then the general confession and the prayer of forgiveness until Archbishop Mouneer Hanna introduced the priest to the members of the Church, saying: The diocese of Egypt, with North Africa and the Horn of Africa, is part of the province of Alexandria and it is part of the One Holy, Universal and Apostolic Church, worshiping the one true God, and recognizing the faith declared in the book The sacred and in the laws of faith and this faith is announced by the Church a new to each of the generations, and we, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are witnessing the Christian Right in the historical laws of faith and the thirty-nine articles of faith, the book of public prayer and the system of the ordination of bishops, pastors and deacons.

The Archbishop directed his speech to the Reverend Mark and answered him, saying: I confirm and declare my belief in the faith proclaimed in the Bible, the laws of faith, and the historical documents that the Episcopal/Anglican Church believes in public prayer and the practice of the sacraments, and I pledge to use the prayers authorized in the Episcopal/Anglican Church.

Within the ordination rituals, Archbishop Mouneer Hanna handed  Reverend Mark the Bible, the water needed to practice the rites of baptism, the church vessels, the oil, the church-key, the public prayer book, and the church laws, and at the end of the ritual the priest made a vow to start the service after which he knelt in the middle of the church saying: Oh my God, I don’t deserve to enter under your roof, but you have called your servant to stand in your house and serve you at your sacred table, I offer myself, my soul, and my body to your service, always remind me of the deeds of your power and enlighten my understanding with the light of the Holy Spirit, and make my heart’s desire and will to do your will, make me a tool for the salvation of your people whom you have been entrusted with To serve him, make me worthy to present your sacred secrets and my life and teach me to present the true word of life. Be with me always in the responsibilities of service, raise my life with prayer, in praise increase my love and gratitude, give me a renewed thought in preaching, and I guarantee that with your holy words the whole world is drawn to your blessed kingdom, all this I ask him for the sake of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Bishop also headed the confirmation service of Joy Samuel, which is the service of joining the new member in the church after declaring his faith before the church people, in preparation for the completion of the rite of marriage with Reverend Mark Takki.

It is worth noting that Rev. Mark Takki is a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce, English Language Division, Menoufia University, and holds a BA in Episcopal Theology from the Episcopal Theological College in Cairo.

He is a Master of Theology from Trinity College, USA, and he is currently a professor of the Old Testament at the Alexandria School of Theology and the Youth Leader in the Youth Leadership Training Program at the AST. He was ordained as a deacon in 2019 and a pastor for youth service today.


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