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The Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican receives the delegation of the Evangelical Church: a good gesture that opens the door for dialogue between us


Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, received Friday, a delegation from the Evangelical community, led by Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaky, head of the Evangelical Church, to congratulate him on assuming the presidency of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria.

In a statement today, Archbishop Samy expressed his deep appreciation for the visit of the Evangelical community delegation to the All Saints Cathedral, stressing that the two churches are members of the Egypt Council of Churches and share many common activities.

The Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church affirmed that the good Evangelical community’s gesture of congratulating his position opens the door to dialogue between the two churches in the judicial conflict between them while stressing the Episcopal/Anglican Church’s desire to preserve its distinct and independent Anglican identity.

Archbishop Samy pointed out that today’s meeting was marked by love and acceptance between the two churches, stressing that all churches are members of the one body of Christ and are united by the goals of the church’s public service as well Egyptian society.

On his behalf, Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaky, head of the Evangelical Church, congratulated Archbishop Samy Fawzy, stressing the love of the Evangelical community to the Episcopal/Anglican Church, where they have much in common.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Rev. George Shaker, Vice-President of the Evangelical Community, Dr. Stephanos Zaky the Evangelical Council Secretary, Rev. Refaat Fathy, Secretary-General of the Synod, Dr. Sameh Morris, pastor of Kasr Al-Dobara Church, Dr. Rev. Youssef Samir, Pastor of the Evangelical Church in Heliopolis, and Dr. Maher Samuel, Director of Credo logos Service. Youssef Talaat, Legal Adviser, Sheikh Essam Wassef, Chairman of the Senate Affairs Council, and Youssef Edward, Director of the Media  Department, while the Episcopal/Anglican Church was represented in this meeting by Archdeacon Emad Basilios, head of the Council of Priests, Dean Hany Shenouda, supervisor of churches in the Suez Canal region, Dean David Aziz in charge of the churches of Alexandria, and Reverend Yahsoua Bekheit, the assistant dean of the All Saints Cathedral, and Fouad Roushdy, the legal advisor to the Province of  Alexandria.


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