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The Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church: The African Union recommended the necessity of seeking to keep the continent’s stability in the crisis of Nahda Dam.


African Union praises the statement of the bishops of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church
The African Union (AU) sent a reply to the statement of the Episcopal Council of Churches in Africa issued last month, said Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, Province of Alexandria Archbishop, to the Episcopal /Anglican Church On the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam at the invitation of Archbishop Mouneer Hanna.
Alexandria region president told the Episcopal Church that the African Union indicated that all parties agreed on the union mediation to reach a solution that satisfies all parties of the current conflict.
The African Union stressed in its response the importance of individuals, institutions, and countries continuing their role in maintaining peace and stability on the continent, and the Union depends on the support of the Episcopal/Anglican Council of Churches and similar religious institutions to build a spirit of solidarity among citizens, especially for its confronting the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Council of Episcopal/Anglican Churches, at the request of Archbishop Mouneer Hanna, sent his statement on June 25, 2020, expressing its wishes that the three countries participating in the Blue Nile will reach a solution that would not harm any of the three countries.

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