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The Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican church calls on the leaders of the Anglican churches in the world to pray collectively to solve the crisis of the Renaissancea


Dr. Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church in Egypt and North Africa, called on his colleagues, Archbishop and members of the Episcopal/Anglican Church Federation, to devote time to prayer to solve the crisis of Renaissance Dam after the negotiations between Egypt and Sudan stumbled and Ethiopia.
Hanna clarified in his message that the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt revealed today, that the Ethiopian side’s sticking to its view on the issue of Renaissance Dam may expose Egypt and Sudan to drought, water poverty, and then famines if Ethiopia continues its policy of filling the dam reservoir so quickly.
He added in his message: They arrived at the three countries and the African Union to find a solution, as negotiations are not easy.
The Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, Dr. Mouneer Hanna, sent a collective message to the African Union last June expressing his hope for a solution to the crisis of the Renaissance To a solution that satisfies all parties to the current conflict.
The African Union also stressed in its response the importance of the continued role of individuals, institutions, and States in maintaining the peace and stability of the continent, and that the Union depends on the support of the Anglican Episcopal Council and similar religious institutions to build a spirit of solidarity among citizens, especially for its confronting the pandemic of covid 19

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