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The Archbishop honors the participants in “Together for Egypt” in Suez and is witnessing a theatrical performance


Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, honored 30 young people participating in the “Together we Development of Egypt” project with the theatrical training initiative.

Archbishop Samy Fawzy addressed the youth, saying: A wonderful presentation and a clear and strong message for young people about the importance of cooperation and solidarity so that we can grow in our societies and be able to overcome all difficulties and do what we wish together for our country.

Bishop added: I am happy to be among young people who are enthusiastic to create positives in his community and present an image of true love.

Ramez Bekhit, the project manager for the youth, congratulated the youth, saying: The Suez youth community is an important part of the approximately 400 youth participating in the project at the level of the Republic to live in it.

On his behalf, Rev. Adel Touma, pastor of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Suez, said: Our idea is to always be together and our ability to do all the positive things for our Suez community through our youth, as they have energies, capabilities, and talents through which they were able to express themselves.

Estephanos Youssef, the coordinator of the Suez community, expressed his happiness at the conclusion of the initiative in a positive manner and with the active participation of young people, saying: We had a dream to change our society as a wave of positive influence through art. Over the course of four months, we participated together, Muslims and Christians, as the project allowed the youth to integrate together as one family.

“The Secret Mission” is the product of the writing workshop, where the story revolves around a secret group whose goal is to build a colony on the moon. Their spacecraft has an accident during landing on the moon. All oxygen devices are disrupted, and the main events revolve around how to cooperate and find a way out of that crisis.

The celebration was attended by Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, Dean Hani Shenouda, Dean of the Canal District, Rev. Adel Touma, pastor of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Suez, and Ramez Bekhit, the coordinator responsible for the project.

The project is held under the auspices of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt, with North Africa and the Horn of Africa and the Misr El Kheir Foundation.

The project aims to establish strong and real relationships and friendships between young people, develop their capabilities and raise their cultural and civilizational awareness, in addition to the participation of trainees together in implementing practical initiatives that benefit their local communities, with the aim of reaching a degree of integration and quality of work through communication with government agencies and community organizations.


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