Diocese Of Egypt

The Archbishop congratulates Bishop Hussam Naoum on his appointment as Archbishop of Jerusalem


Dr. Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the province of Alexandria, sent a letter of congratulation to Bishop Hussam Naoum on the occasion of his appointment ceremony as Archbishop of Jerusalem.

The text of the congratulations stated: On behalf of the bishops, pastors, and servants of the dioceses of the province of Alexandria, I extend my sincere congratulations on your appointment as Archbishop of Jerusalem. We pray that the Lord will grant you the grace and wisdom to lead this heavy responsibility.

The bishop added in his speech: We are confident that the Lord who chose you will strengthen you while you serve in his field. We also congratulate the Anglican Church in Jerusalem on your appointment as their new Archbishop.

The Archbishop concluded: We pray that the seeds that Archbishop Suhail planted in the service will be harvested and new seeds planted for future generations.


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