Diocese Of Egypt

The Archbishop confers the sacrament of baptism on a child and presides over the Confirmation Service in the Church


Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, presided over the prayers for granting the sacrament of baptism to the girl Grace Maged and the confirmation service for Dr. Wael, one of the church members at the Cathedral in Zamalek

The bishop said in the sermon of the liturgy: We become servants of Christ is the logical and natural result of what we obtain through redemption because he bought us all with his precious blood.

Shame and contempt cause us to bind ourselves to Him forever in service.

The bishop considered in his speech that the service of Christ is the reward, if he makes me serve Him, for my presence in His presence made me glorify Him, and to give my life to God is happiness for the redeemed and a sufficient reward for us.

And the bishop continued: We cannot expect honor and dignity here after all those years of service and preaching the Gospel, emphasizing: the true dignity comes from his words.

The bishop continued: The more I know God, the more humility I become. The Lord gives us to be obedient servants, eager to serve Him.

The Confirmation Prayer was attended by Reverend Yashua Bekhit, Assistant Dean of All Saints Cathedral, the Lay minister Selim Wassef.

Confirmation service and prayer is a declaration of a person’s joining the Episcopal/Anglican Church, as the new member pledges before the bishop, the pastor, and all those present before God to preserve the Christian faith and the doctrine of the Episcopal Church.

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