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The Ambassador of the State of Japan visits the Deaf Unit


The Ambassador of the State of Japan, Noki Masaki, visited the Deaf unit and Hearing-impaired of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt in the Old Cairo region to inspect the work on the cooperation project between the Deaf unit and the Japanese Embassy to renew the physical environment and education for the beneficiaries of the Deaf Unit. He was received by Dr. Mary Isaac, Director of the Deaf Unit.

Dr. Mary, with the participation of the teachers, was keen to inform the ambassador about all the professional workshops, educational classes, the communication unit, and workshops with mothers of children and deaf university students, as the ambassador focused on seeing the parts of the building that will be included in the renovation in the project.

In a related context, the Deaf Unit received three deaf and hearing-impaired students from the Faculty of Quality Education to receive educational support in their college curricula to help them develop their educational aspect.

On her part, Dr. Mary said: The Deaf unit is happy to receive university students and cares for all the deaf and hearing impaired in all stages, not only primary and preparatory, stressing: that the main goal is to improve their lives in the educational and professional aspect, we have provided a specialized class for university students to teach the college curriculum in Egyptian sign language and their participation In professional workshops.

It is worth noting that the Deaf Unit was established in 1982 under the umbrella of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, and it was declared in Social Affairs No. 4014 of 1993.

The Deaf unit works on rehabilitating and educating the deaf and their families and supporting communication in sign language to ensure the improvement of the scientific, health, social and economic level, enabling them to be self-reliant and integrate into society through academic education, vocational training, activities, trips, and conferences.

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