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Sure, we have all heard many sermons, and most of us memorize his words, but take care of David’s words. The Lord is not a great shepherd, although he is indeed like that.


But the Lord says the shepherd of Bea’s property, someone tasted the sweetness of his care, David, in the Psalms, I speak of God the Mighty, God the King, the Almighty God, but here he says God is my shepherd.

The question here is, if you are a son of God, do you enjoy and taste this special care?

And if you are still not sure that you are his son, pray and say I believe that you died for me, accept me, I will be your son and possess me and manage all the details of my life

And take care of the one who enjoys the care of the shepherd is the sheep, and you and I, in order to enjoy the care of the shepherd, I must convince myself that I have the same nature as the sheep

It is from the nature of the sheep that he is an idiot

Not only an idiot, but my dependence does not know how to do something for himself, the shepherd must eat it and take it to the water to drink

But he also cannot save himself if he is on a rock and the waves are raging and screaming while he is in his place until the shepherd will not save him. We must admit that you and I have the same qualities. Saying I am an idiot. Save me from perdition, nor from sin, save me

But David says, “The Lord is my shepherd, so I don’t need anything. It is true that he pays for all my needs, but not only that. He is a shepherd and has enough for me. I am with him. I don’t need anything. I am not satisfied with your condition.”

But David also says, “In green pastures, he makes me lie down,” meaning “your shepherd makes me dwell in you.” He cares that he feeds you the best food, and it is the word of God. Man does not live with bread, but with every word that comes out of God’s mouth, and you do not only eat it because it is more delicious than honey, do not dwell in it. The wicked, but his pleasure is in the law of the Lord, whatever he does shall prosper

Many of us are far from the word of God and complain that he is not successful in his life.

To the water of comfort, bring me, as we said, the shepherd must take the lamb for water, and the water of comfort is the Holy Spirit, who, if you give him the opportunity, will lead your life, he will quench you and refresh your life. One who dwells in the word of God and the Holy Spirit leads his life full and satisfied, he can tread on the honey of the world, but he who is hungry and thirsty, every bitter is sweet.


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