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Pope Tawedrous to Bishop Mouneer Hanna: Your service is dedicated to the country and the church


Pope Tawedrous II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, said that Archbishop Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, is a dear friend of the Coptic Orthodox Church and participates in all our occasions and of course in the Egypt Council of Churches.

Pope Tawedrous added in a recorded video that he presented specifically in the service of honoring Archbishop Mouneer: We have met on many occasions, whether in the Patriarchal House in Abbasiya or in the Church of All Saints. The truth is that we see in his great love, dedication, effort, and attention not only to the church but to the country as well. This is the truth that what you provided is a good pure picture.

Pope Tawedrous addressed a speech to Archbishop Mouneer, saying: It will be like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaves do not wither, and everything he does succeeds, adding: We remember you with all the best and we thank you for all your effort and service with pure love for Christ and the Holy Church.

Pope Tawedrous continued: We appreciate all the good deeds you have done in the service of the Church here in Egypt and throughout the Horn of Africa. adding; May God bless your life and grant you grace and protect you always and your ministry will be far from official positions, but Christ’s ministry never ends.

The Pope continued: “The Lord blesses you in every good deed, and we always pray for the love of Christ, the unity of the Church, and our vision of winning heaven.” Adding: May the Lord bless your life, work, and family

It is worth noting that the Episcopal/Anglican Church celebrates today a service honoring Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, Archbishop of the Province Alexandria, and his wife for their long service in the church, which lasted for about 21 years in the position of the Archbishop and another 21 years in Menouf Hospital affiliated with the church, where the bishop served as a doctor and then director of a hospital.


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