Diocese Of Egypt

Our Archbishop meets the Minister of Foreign Affairs, accompanied by representatives of the Conference of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa.


Today, Tuesday, Dr. Samy Fawzy, current Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church, and Dr. Mouneer Hanna, Honorary Archbishop, Ambassador Hamdi Sanad, Minister of Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, accompanied by Bernard Ntahotori, retired Archbishop of Burundi, and Kofi Johnson, Secretary-General of the African Council of Churches Conference.

On his behalf, Dr. Samy Fawzy said that the meeting witnessed coordination between the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria and the efforts of the Egyptian state in the file of the Nile waters and the Renaissance Dam, as the church’s province belongs to ten African countries, in addition to its presence in Ethiopia, which is currently building a school affiliated to the church in the Gambella region in west Ethiopia

Archbishop Samy confirmed that the Church discussed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs efforts to nominate Dr. Mouneer Hanna as an ambassador for peace in the African Union, as he was nominated by the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa for his efforts in the field of Christian-Islamic dialogue and African relations when he served the Episcopal/Anglican Church for more than 21 years.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Mouneer Hanna indicated that he sent two letters to the African Union signed by the Archbishops of Africa, requesting that the water dispute be resolved in an amicable manner that ensures a fair distribution for all the basin countries, pointing out that the African Union responded to this initiative and took diplomatic efforts.

The two African guests also thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for facilitating the attendance of all CAPA members to Cairo to attend the conference

The Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt had hosted an African delegation, comprising more than 32 bishops and his wife who are members of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa, to participate in a conference to train new bishops at All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek.

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