Diocese Of Egypt

Menuf School

The Episcopal School in Menouf was established in 1930 and is renowned in Menouf for its high standard of education. The school currently has 840 students in the primary and prepatory school (ages 6-15 years) and 75 children in the kindergarten. The school has an excellent reputation in Menoufiya, a province in the Nile Delta, and there is a waiting list of students who would like to attend.

The mission of the school is “to provide excellent education and to build students capacity to participate as quality citizens in the community.” While education in government schools is mostly focused on rote learning and academic subjects, the Episcopal School offers a wider curriculum, which emphasizes music, sports and art, as well as academic excellence, and aims to develop confident leaders and citizens.

The school is also a place which builds social relationships with the community, and among the students and parents. This is significant in a school where 20% of the students are Christian, and 80% are Muslim.

You can visit the school website (in Arabic) HERE.

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