Diocese Of Egypt

Interfaith Dialogue

The Diocese of Egypt plays a strategic role in interfaith dialogue with Al Azhar al-Sharif and other Islamic leaders in Egypt.

Following September 11 2001, a historic document established an interfaith dialogue committee between Al Azhar al-Sherif and the Anglican Communion. The signed agreement set in motion strategic initiatives developed by Egypt’s religious leaders of working together for peace and dialogue toward a greater understanding between the different faiths they represent.

These initiatives have included:

  • A scholarly exchange between a theological college in Cambridge and Al Azhar University
  • The publication of books that clarify misconceptions involving Christianity and Islam
  • An interfaith conference for religious leaders from Sub-Saharan and North Africa
  • A program in Christian and Muslim schools called “Planting a Tree of Hope”
  • The joint visit of the Grand Mufti and Bishop Mouneer to Liverpool Hope University
  • A cooperative Fighting Blindness campaign headed by Harpur Memorial Hospitaland Islamic charity Misr el-Kheir
  • The Arkan Centre, at St. Mark’s Pro-Cathedral in downtown Alexandria, established in April 2011 to provide a place for Egyptian youth, both Christian and Muslim, to gather and create art
  • The ‘Imam-Priest Exchange’, an interfaith initiative started in 2013 which brings together Muslim and Christian religious leaders in Egypt.
  • The annual Caravan Festival of the Arts, hosted at St John’s Church in Maadi, aims to using the arts as a bridge for intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, and All Saints’ Cathedral in Zamalek has also hosted interfaith art exhibitions.
  • Together We Develop Egypt, Phase I
  • Together We Develop Egypt, Phase II

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