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In the sermon of the ordination of Rev. Mark Takki..


The Archbishop: I am a fan of Al-Ahli club, and Musimani’s directives remind me of God’s guidance for us

Dr. Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the province of Alexandria, presided over the Episcopal/Anglican Church today, Friday, the ordination of Mark Takki Senad, a pastor for youth service at the Cathedral of All Saints in Zamalek.

In the sermon, the bishop said: “Everyone knows that I am a fan of Al-Ahli.” And when I see Musimini, the coach of Al-Ahly team, leading the players and directing them to how to play while they are always waiting for his words and directing them, then I remember God’s guidance to his children and servants at all times. About your goal, you must pay attention to hear the voice of God.

The bishop added during the sermon directing his words to the pastor Mark, speaking: About how to end his service according to the will of the Lord, not how to start it, because if he knows how to end it, he will already know how to start it. And that is through knowing the general calling, which is the good news of the kingdom of heaven, as it is a call presented to every believer to give glory to God.

The bishop continued by directing his words to the pastor: You must know your special calling by preparing the leaders during your teaching at the Faculty of Theology and serving you inside the Church and establishing your gaze on God so that the goal is not lost in front of your eyes.

And the Archbishop went on: I remember Saint Augustine in Canterbury when he traveled from Rome and traveled the distance to half of France and did not complete the road to the British Isles to preach the Gospel of Christ when they said to him the road is difficult and bumpy, so Saint Augustine returned with his surrender. Pope Gregory told him it was better to apologize before the journey begins, go again, and if we do not meet again on earth we will meet in heaven and do not be afraid. Augustine continued the journey and preached the gospel’s good news, and 10,000 people were baptized on his hand.

Many things attract people away from God, such as money, fear, fame, and status, but Priest Mark, do not concern yourself with such positions but focus on being servants of God who called you, make your heart unified to the Lord and that your spirit be open to challenges.

The Archbishop concluded his words to the Reverend Mark: Today, put your hand in the hand of the Lord, because he is a tender father, and go with him on this journey.


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