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In the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday…


Priest of the Episcopal/Anglican Church of Ras al-Souda in Alexandria: Freedom of expression does not mean harm.

The Episcopal/ Anglican Church participated in the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday, organized by the Social Education Foundation for the Care of Boys in Alexandria today, in the presence of Islamic and Christian religious leaders.

On his behalf, Rev. Mina Helmy, pastor of the Jesus the King Episcopal/Anglican Church in Alexandria, said: We are in dire need of solidarity and human solidarity, Muslims and Christians, congratulating Muslims on the celebrations of the Prophet’s birthday

Pastor Helmy added in a statement carried by the Church today: We do not accept any harm that happens to any person under the name of freedom of expression, so this freedom must be responsible and not go beyond to harm the feelings of others.

While Sheikh Muhammad Muhammad Al-Khatib, Professor of Sharia and Da`wah at Al-Azhar University, said that we need a good example to emulate it, so the best example of the messengers and prophets, adding: We need to present to the West what they do not know about us in terms of tolerance and Islamic values ​​because we only offer images of extremism and violence

While Ayman Mahmoud, the director of the foundation, expressed his pride in the presence of the Episcopal/Anglican Church as a partner in presenting many initiatives within the organization within the activities of the Together we Develop Egypt Project.

The ceremony included a recitation of the Qur’an by one of the Foundation’s children, followed by a singing segment from the Arab Music Choir led by Maestro Hosni Associate

Dr. Mouneer Hanna had congratulated the masses of Muslims on the birth of the Prophet and said in his congratulations: We pray that God will restore this occasion to the Islamic nation with goodness and blessings and that God will grant the leaders of our country to what is good for our beloved Egypt.


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