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The Episcopal School in Menouf organizes teacher training using modern technologies

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The Episcopal School in Menouf, affiliated with the Episcopal/Anglican Church, is preparing for the start of the new school year 2021-2022 by organizing training for teachers on modern methods and means of learning using advanced educational technology using 13 interactive whiteboards. Currently, 100 teachers are being trained on how to use the blackboard in addition to learning modern teaching methods.

On his behalf, Magdy Abu Al-Saad, the school director, explained: The interactive whiteboard is a device that is classified as an electronic display device and works by connecting it to a computer and a data projector. And the image, adding: If the teacher writes a sentence, draws a figure or illustration, or displays an image from the computer or the Internet, she can immediately save it in her memory and transfer it to the students’ and students’ computers if they want.

Abu Al-Saad confirmed: The school is currently working on preparing and maintaining classrooms for the different grades and renovating the school’s front playground by brushing it with natural grass.

It is worth mentioning that the Episcopal School in Menouf is one of the leading schools in Menoufia Governorate in terms of the quality of education and the use of the latest modern educational methods.

The Episcopal School was established 135 years ago, as the Episcopal/Anglican Church had a clear goal of service through its institutions in Egypt, by taking care of the spiritual and religious aspect of man by covering educational, health, and social needs. Hence, the Episcopal School in Menouf is a practical link that connects the church with society and does not isolate it from the construction movement in Egypt.


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