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The Deaf Unit provides reinforcement classes in the summer

The Deaf Unit of the Episcopal/Anglican Church started providing remedial classes in the summer to establish deaf and hard of hearing students from the age of 5 to the age of 18 in writing and reading and assisting them in English and arithmetic. The unit uses various educational means such as Montessori education and the use of interactive smartboards.

The Episcopal Church stated in a statement: The unit also provides children from 5 to 11 years of age with some artistic activities after the end of the educational period, such as painting, accessories, and thermal clay, to encourage children to discover their talents, in addition to professional workshops such as carpentry and sewing for young people from 12 to 18 years of age to integrate them into society and raise their self-confidence.

The Deaf Unit explained: The unit encourages mothers of deaf children to learn sign language to facilitate communication with their children by providing free sign courses. It also encourages them to learn a new craft that helps them earn a source of income for the family, so we offer a daily sewing workshop.

The unit also organizes a workshop to teach the shell craft for young deaf people from the age of 20 and above to be able to rely on themselves in the future, in addition to offering a tented workshop for deaf and hard of hearing women teach them an Egyptian traditional craft to revive the ancient Egyptian heritage three times a week.

The Deaf Unit was established in 1982 under the umbrella of the Episcopal/Anglican Church and was declared by Social Solidarity under No. 4014 of 1993.

The unit works on rehabilitating and educating the deaf and their families and supporting communication in sign language to ensure the improvement of the scientific, health, social and economic level, enabling them to be self-reliant and integrate into society through academic education, vocational training, activities, trips, and conferences.


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