Diocese Of Egypt

In a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Mouneer Hanna attends a meeting with the President of the “Archbishop of Canterbury”, reviewing the challenges of Corona

Dr. Mouneer Hanna, Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria of the Episcopal Church, today, Thursday, witnessed an expanded meeting with Archbishop Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Anglican Churches around the world, through Zoom, provided that the meeting will be completed tomorrow.

The Episcopal/Anglican Church said in a statement today: The meeting began with the Archbishop of Canterbury welcoming the inauguration of the new Province of Alexandria, which includes 10 African countries.

The church explained: The various efforts were undertaken by churches around the world to confront the Covid 19 Pandemic and its effects on different groups of society were reviewed.

The church added in its statement: A representative of the World Health Organization participated in the meeting of the Archbishops, who explained the current and expected situation in the coming period and made it clear that the vaccine will be available at the end of this year or early next year, noting: There is no need to fear the vaccine, it will not depend until after its trial on a wide range

On his behalf, Dr. Mouneer Hanna said: The archbishops discussed the need for cooperation with the rest of the followers of religions in facing the economic and social impacts facing the world due to the Pandemic.

And he continued: It is encouraging that the Episcopal/Anglican churches in the various regions have continued to perform their spiritual mission through social media in a creative way.

The meeting was attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishops of 37 of the 41 territories of the Federation of Episcopal/ Anglican Churches around the World.


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