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American Episcopalian theologian: Discipleship in your local church

Yesterday, the Episcopal Theological College organized two lectures entitled “Discipleship” presented by Mark Devere, President of the Mark 9 Foundation, an organization specialized in serving and leading churches in America, at the headquarters of the All Saints Episcopal/Anglican Cathedral in Zamalek.

The seminar began with a prayer and a speech from Bishop Sami Fawzy, Dean of the Alexandria School of Theology.

Mark Dever said: If discipleship is seen as a simple thing, its impact is great and it deserves to follow in its footsteps through obedience and realization of subservience to Christ.

And Devere added: God spoke about discipleship within the local church by inviting the faithful to be disciples of the great mission, which is the preaching of the Gospel and the good news of joy, as the disciples are able to establish churches characterized by love and holiness.

Devere pointed out that the local church is at the heart of obedience to Christ, and it is the appropriate place and the ideal environment for the disciple through the believer’s constant evaluation, citing the first verse of Timothy: (1 Tim 4:16), adding:

It is easy to follow Christ inside a local church than to look for him outside.

Devere concluded by stressing two commandments that you help others and imitate Christ in your life and obey your leaders and guides.

It is worth noting that the concept of discipleship is an expression used for catechesis according to the Word of God and the Bible. Discipleship is considered an essential pillar in the Christian life because it helps believers to imitate Christ.


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