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Harpur Hospital: Receiving clinics patients with preventive measures to avoid Corona.


Harpur Hospital Menouf, affiliated to the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt, announced the development of an integrated health plan in line with the Free Treatment Department and the Health Affairs Department in Menoufia, which guarantees the safety and health of hospital staff and patients who are visiting them from the threat of the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

On his behalf, Dr. Samir Rizkallah, the director of the hospital, said in a statement issued by the Episcopal Church today: The hospital organized a series of awareness and educational lectures in conjunction with the beginning of the crisis aimed at educating hospital staff of different job titles about the Corona virus, ways of transmission and how to prevent it. Hanging awareness banners throughout the hospital for visiting patients and their companions.

Rizkallah added: Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf has worked to receive patients from outpatient clinics, as the hospital works at full strength to receive patients due to the lack of places in government hospitals to receive them.

Rizkallah continued: With the acceleration of the spread of the virus, and in line with the government’s policy to reduce gatherings, the hospital provided breaks and spaces between patients to prevent their breaks with some and good ventilation for these places, with the need to wear face masks and emphasize measuring temperature and providing screens in breaks to display short guiding films for the patients.

It is worth noting that the Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf was founded by Dr. Frank Harpur, an Irish physician sent in 1910 A.D. Dr. Harper (Harmel, as the Egyptians called him) had arrived in Egypt in 1889 A.D. and his dream was to provide medical service to the simple and deprived villagers there, either due to their lack of hand or to their distance from them. The place of providing medical service and in the year 1894AD began to wander by boat in some branches of the Nile River to reach these villagers and treat them due to the need for a fixed hospital to treat more complex cases and also to increase the number of patients, Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf was established in 1910 AD and Dr. Frank Harpur was its first director and the hospital continued He works from that date, bearing in mind the goal for which the hospital was established, and a number of doctors have taken turns managing it after the death of Dr. Harpur.


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