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Gusuor cultural Center begins the activities of the playback re-representation workshop.


Gusuor Cultural Center of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church in Egypt continues its various cultural and artistic activities, as the center started a playback workshop led by coach Nadine Emile with the participation of 16 trainees of young talents in the field of acting at the center’s headquarters in Zamalek.

According to a statement issued by the Church today, the introductory workshop for playback art aims to learn about the playback theater and apply the basic elements in it and how to identify and develop the skills required to transform real stories into improvised scenes rich in artistic craftsmanship, harmony, and effective group work, in addition to learning different forms of presenting stories during the performance.

The workshop also focuses on developing voice, movement, acting skills, and group improvisation, and aims to provide participants with experience in different roles where learning takes place in an environment that encourages play, creativity, experiment, and critical thinking.

The workshop is presented by Nadine Emile, an actress, choreographer, and broadcaster, who has led many workshops in dance, acting, and playback in Egypt.

Playback art (playback theater) is a kind of improvisational interactive theater that relies on embodying the audience’s stories into improvised art scenes. Jonathan Fox and Joe Salas founded the playback theater in 1975.

In a playback theater show, people tell real stories and watch a team of actors or individuals from the community transform these stories into short improvisations. Playbacks are currently used in more than 60 countries as a tool for community building, cultural activism, and response to collective trauma.


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