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From the Nuba Mountains Institute:


The Archbishop is celebrating the graduation of a group of Sudanese: Nile Valley is one people
Mouneer Hanna: Colonialism divided Egypt, Sudan and our cultural ties stronger
Hanna: We established the Nubia Mountains Institute to meet the need for service in Sudan
Hanna for the new graduates: Avoid tribalism and be dedicated to the service of God
The Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria for the Episcopal/Anglican Church, Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, celebrated today (Saturday) the graduation of a new class of students from the Church’s Nuba Mountains Institute.
Hanna said in his speech that Egypt inaugurated a medical center in Juba a few days ago as a gift from Egypt to the people of South Sudan, confirming that Egypt considers Sudan north and south a part of its heart
The Archbishop continued: The Bishop is always the Bishop of Egypt and Sudan, but it is the colonization that divided the people of the Nile Valley into different countries: Egypt and Sudan, although we are one country and despite these borders, we are the people of the Nile Valley
He pointed out that the Sudanese community is the biggest community living in Egypt and we established this institute for the Nile Valley people Because we are one country, confirming that the Sudanese caused a blessing to us in Egypt and we are proud of their presence with us
Archbishop said that the Egyptian, Sudanese, and South Sudan are three twins in the church service, confirming that Nubia mountains are located on the borders between north and south Sudan
Hanna completed: In 2009, when Sudan was divided into the north and south, the Church held United, but the civil war prevented priests from moving between southern and northern Sudan, the Ibracis were divided, but we had one hand working for glory
Archbishop recommended that the new graduates avoid the idea of tribalism during the church service in Sudan after they learned that from Egypt The tribal society and ethnic divisions are unknown, demanding the graduates to discharge themselves to serve their country and their church with all love, fun, and giving
Hanna stressed that the church service is tiring and not comfortable, citing Paul the Messenger who served with a thorn in his body, and God says to him “My grace is enough “.
The Archbishop confirmed: When you return to Sudan, you will feel tired during the service, but you remember what you got in the three-year study
While  Archdeacon Emad Basilios, one of the institute’s teachers, confirmed that the Episcopal/Anglican Church established this institute to meet the needs of the Sudanese servants in the Bible sciences, indicating that he learned a lot from his teaching in the institute
The ten graduates who completed their studies at the institute after three years of study and received the graduation certificates presented to them by Archbishop Mouneer Hanna and Bonita Derek, the institute director

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