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Episcopal Hospital in Sadat: The start of the first medical convoys in the area of Kilo 84 on the Alexandria Desert Road


The Harpur Memorial Hospital in Sadat started the first medical convoys in the 84th kilometer (Adnan Al-Madani village) on the Alexandria Desert Road, as part of a medical convoy program for areas deprived of basic medical services, in partnership with the Misr El Kheir Foundation.

On his behalf, Dr. Hani Abader, director of the hospital, explained: The first convoy included the specialties of internal medicine, general surgery, children, orthopedics and urology, by examining 130 patients. Some analyzes were carried out and some medicines prescribed to patients in the area were dispensed, in addition to transferring some cases that needed surgical intervention or some medical examinations that were not available in the convoy to the hospital.

Abadir added: The convoy program is scheduled to include several places surrounding Sadat City, such as the village of Al-Safa, Al-Marwa, Imam Malik, Kafr Daoud, and the Wadi Al-Natrun Center Provided that the convoys include several specialties of children, internal medicine, orthopedics, surgery, urology, teeth, nose, and ear, in addition to basic analyzes such as random glucose measurement, urine analysis, and hepatitis viruses. Adding: A protocol has been established for personal protective measures for patients and the convoy crew to prevent the spread of infection with the Covid-19 virus during the convoy.

It is worth mentioning that the hospital was initially opened as a medical center consisting of a number of clinics in 1996, and then the hospital was opened in late 2011.

The hospital consists of several departments, the outpatient department, and includes 16 specialties: internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, women, nose, ear, conjunctivitis, dermatology, dental, heart, urology, psychiatry, neurology, digestive system, liver, brain, neurology, physiotherapy and blood vessels, in addition to the emergency department, which operates 24 hours a day in parallel with services Lab, radiology, operations, as well as the internal department, which consists of 6 rooms with a capacity of 15 beds.


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