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“EpiscoCare” reviews its role during the Corona pandemic in front of the “National council for Women”


The EpiscoCare foundation for Social Services participated in the activities of the training workshop on the role of members of civil organizations during the Coronavirus pandemic, as part of the activities of the 16 awareness days to combat violence against women

The Episcopal/Anglican Church stated in a statement today: This session was organized by the NGO Forum of the National Council for Women through Zoom, and the training was attended by the directors of the community centers at the EpiscoCare foundation.

The statement continued: Over the course of two days, the roles that civil organizations can play in light of the repercussions of the pandemic were presented and discussed, such as the concepts and manifestations of violence, especially in light of the repercussions of the Coronavirus, with an explanation of the concept of domestic violence, and the precautionary measures that have been taken by the government in favor of women during corona.

It is worth noting that the EpiscoCare foundation for Social Services has been a member of the NGO Committee of the National Council for Women since 2016.

The Episcopal Care Foundation for Social Services (Episcocare) is the Samaritan arm of the Episcopal/ Anglican Church in Egypt. The Foundation runs the development and social services centers and institutions of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt.


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