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Egyptian Newspapers Praise the Capacity Building of the Deaf Unit


 Although everything became so disordered due to Covid-19, the Deaf Unit increased their workshops from 3 workshops to 8 workshops in order to improve the skills capacity of those in the deaf community. We already built up a good reputation for training the deaf. On Saturday 13 March, a famous Egyptian newspaper, El Watan, published an article about our workshops for the deaf. El Watan discovered our Anglican/Episcopal Church Facebook Page and became interested in our deaf workshops. They share our passion for helping the deaf people have their own role in Egyptian society as the deaf can work and add value to society just like those who are hearing. This published article is only the first step of El Watan. Later, they will come to the Deaf Unit and interview one of the deaf teachers who was a student at the Deaf Unit when she was younger. Now, she is a teacher here and her sons are also students. This teacher is the leader of one of our workshops. El Watan loved this story so much that they decided to make a video. This will be a good opportunity to let more Egyptians know about the Deaf Unit and pay more attention to the deaf community. Also, El Watan is interested in our capacity-building workshops because they are not only teaching skills to the deaf, but they are helping the deaf to find value in their work, which will also help them to be independent financially. We are excited as this moves us closer to achieving the Deaf Unit’s mission!

We very much appreciate Embrace’s generous support over the years. We would be unsuccessful without your partnership. So now we can’t wait to share this good news with you, and thank you for your effort, not only to the Deaf Unit but to the society as a whole.


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