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During the service of installing 10 new members…


Archbishop: Faith Transforms Your Ordinary Possibilities Into Outstanding

Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, presided over the prayers of a confirmation service for ten members of St. Michael’s and all the Angels church in Heliopolis.

The bishop said in his homily from the Gospel of John: There is a big difference between what is available and what we need and between what is given and what is required, as the Gospel depicts the scene of five thousand hungry and tired people looking for any food and having only a few (the five loaves and the two fish), completing: That the need is also met by the word of God, as many people need to obtain the bread of life, and the believers who carry the message of the Gospel are few amidst much hunger.

The bishop also considered in his speech that the miracle of the loaves and the two fish in the present and now is in the hands of Christ, as the miracle of the boy no longer refers to the sacrifice of the boy, but rather to the miraculous power of the Savior. Christ connects himself with our weaknesses, our needs, and our weak faith. The hand of Christ is sufficient to satisfy the multitude. In our hands, they have no value, but it is sufficient when it comes into contact with the hand of the Blessed Lord, who is able to do everything.

The bishop asked: Do you bring everything you own and put it in the hands of Christ? And the mind that you possess is it in a relationship with the spirit of God and his teachings? And I do not mean here that every human being who has ordinary capabilities will turn into great and distinguished capabilities through faith in Christ, but what I am saying here is that your ordinary capabilities will be in the hands of Christ enough to call you to it and carry the message of the Gospel.

The bishop concluded his sermon by saying: Bring what you have to Christ to be in a living relationship with Him. He may not give you new talents, but what you have will be a blessing for many.

Archdeacon Emad Basilios (Chairman of the Council of Priests) participated in the prayer of confirmation and the pastor of the Church of St. Michael and all the angels, the deacon Samir Daoud and the Reverend Ihab Ayoub.

Confirmation service and prayer is a declaration of a person’s joining the Episcopal/Anglican Church, as the new member pledges before the bishop, the pastor, and all those present before God, to preserve the Christian faith and the doctrine of the Episcopal Church.



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