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During the service of confirming new members..


Archbishop: A true disciple sits at the feet of his teacher to learn

Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, presided today, Sunday, the prayers of the service of confirming new members of the church, in the Arab and Sudanese service at St. Michael’s Church and all Angels in Heliopolis.

The bishop said in the sermon: The true disciple sits at the feet of his teacher to understand and learn, as the disciples of Christ followed him in an optional and not obligatory way, adding: The believer is helped by God’s grace to be steadfast in faith and follow the commandments so that he does not fall into error.

And the bishop went on in his speech that we must always test ourselves in the light of God’s word, for the church is like the seasons of prosperity, sometimes the service and the church are like a fruitful tree, and sometimes it is without fruit or prosperity.

The bishop asked: What do we do when the church is in a state of idleness? Should we swim with the tide? It is inconceivable for a person who lived with God and experienced Him to return to his old life.

The bishop concluded his sermon by saying: God does not want the believer to have a collar around his neck that compels him to serve, but he wants disciples who love him and want him with their full will. We cannot leave him after we have experienced his redemption, salvation, and cross.

It is worth mentioning that the service and prayer of confirmation are announcing the person’s joining the Episcopal/Anglican Church, as the new member pledges before the bishop, the pastor, and all those who are present before God, to preserve the Christian faith and the doctrine of the Episcopal/Anglican Church.


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