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During a ceremony held by the Sudanese service in the Episcopal/Anglican Church, I arrived for Egypt..


The Archbishop to his Sudanese parish: Keep serving and pray for the unity of the Church

Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, considered that the unity of the church and prayer for service is a very important matter, adding: If the Lord Christ wants you to serve Him, you must continue to serve and put His pleasure before your own.

The bishop added, it is an honor for us to feed Christ, wait at his table, and serve him. We always do what pleases him and give him what he wants from us, which is to live a life of holiness and consecration.

This came during a ceremony honoring and welcoming Archbishop Samy Fawzy, which was held by the Sudanese service in the Episcopal/Anglican Church, attended by the Archbishop and his wife, Madeleine Sostanis, on the occasion of his inauguration.

The people of the Sudanese Church also expressed their joy and blessing to Archbishop Sami and their pride in the episcopal identity.

For his part, Reverend Yasser Koko, the patron of the Sudanese service at the All Saints Cathedral, said that Egypt is their second country, stressing that the Egyptian people received the Sudanese with great love and did not feel alienated in it, as priests and people prayed for Egypt and that God bless and preserve it in all its endeavors.

The ceremony included various segments, with the participation of the Sudanese praise team, words from Sudanese priests, and the welcome of the bishop and his wife by the church ladies and shepherds, as an expression of their joy with new leadership and announcing their love and solidarity with them and praying for them.

The ceremony was attended by Sudanese priests from all the Episcopal/Anglican churches in Egypt, as well as a large number of pastors and leaders of other denominations and the people of the Sudanese Church.

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