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Discovery of renal impairment diseases…


The Episcopal/Anglican Hospital in Menouf continues to receive citizens with a campaign of 100 million heaths

Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf – affiliated to the Episcopal/ Anglican Church – continues to receive citizens as part of the 100 million health campaign, which is the initiative of the President of the Republic to examine and treat chronic diseases, for the next three months.

The Episcopal/Anglican Church stated in a statement today: This comes as part of the hospital’s response to the initiative of the President of the Republic, as the hospital allocates part of it to host the Ministry of Health team and to service the free initiative aimed at early detection of diseases of renal impairment after the initiative succeeded in the previous period of early detection of hepatitis diseases. Epidemic c, as well as early detection of breast cancer diseases directed at women’s health.

It is worth noting that Dr. Mouneerr Hanna Anis, Archbishop of the Church, had been working as director of the hospital beginning in 1970, and he assumed his work in extremely difficult circumstances, as the Ramad Menouf Hospital (governmental) occupied a large part of the hospital buildings, as well as the hospital, was suffering from a severe financial deficit and persistently Unusual, and with the encouragement of some officials at the time, Dr. Mouneer began implementing an ambitious plan to modernize the hospital and provide specialized medical service of a distinguished level.

Due to the narrow space of the outpatient building and the increase in the number of patients to about 180 thousand patients annually, in 2019 AD, the expansion of new buildings on an area of ​​1500 meters was carried out at a cost of about 50 million EGP, and this expansion aims to raise the efficiency of the medical service provided to patients and accommodate these large numbers


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