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Deaf Unit Celebrates Christmas


The Deaf Unit celebrated Christmas through Christmas artistic performances using illustrations for the deaf.

Dr. Mary Ishak, Director of the Deaf Unit, said: The ceremony included an explanation of the Christmas story and its characters, such as the Magi and shepherds, in sign language, in addition to artwork by decorating the Christmas tree, participating in group games and presenting gifts to children.

Dr. Mary explained: The Deaf unit participated in a number of charitable exhibitions to display products made by deaf youth and girls in conjunction with the time of Christmas.

Dr. Mary added: The products were displayed in the exhibitions of the Swiss Club, the Cathedral of All Saints, Saint Joseph Church in Zamalek, in addition to the exhibition of Jesus’ light of the World in Old Cairo.

Dr. Mary concluded: The deaf unit always strives to encourage the deaf and hard of hearing by displaying products made by their hands in the professional workshops that teach them to be financially self-reliant, as products from carpentry, sewing, tent, seashells, origami, accessories, and thermal clay workshops were displayed.

The Deaf Unit was established in 1982 under the umbrella of the Episcopal/Anglican Church and was declared in Social Affairs No. 4014 for the year 1993.

The deaf unit works on rehabilitating and educating the deaf and their families and supporting communication in sign language to ensure the improvement of the scientific, health, social and economic level, enabling them to be self-reliant and integrate into society through academic education, vocational training, activities, trips, and conferences.

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