Diocese Of Egypt

Christmas trees and Christmas lights decorate the Episcopal/Anglican Cathedral before the feast mass


All Saints Episcopal/Anglican Cathedral in Zamalek was decorated with Christmas trees and Christmas lights hours before the start of the feast mass, which is headed by Dr. Samy Fawzy, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, in both Arabic and English to serve Egyptians and foreigners.

It is expected that the Christmas mass services will begin at eight in the evening today after the cathedral bells ring to announce the start of the prayers, as the church celebrates the holiday according to the Western calendar.

It is worth noting that the church imposed strict precautionary measures due to the Coronavirus, in which it was keen to provide disinfectants and masks for all worshipers and to observe social distancing.

The Episcopal Church celebrated the hymns of the Nativity of Christ inside the Cathedral in Zamalek last Friday, a celebration held annually by the church by candlelight before Christmas, through a group of chants in Arabic and English.


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